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Oriana has been working on 'Curlsworld' for many years.

It is a multidimentional concept that she finally decided to turn into music with this three track EP, exploring new electronic sounds thanks to producer Joe Rodwell. 

'I wanted to create a world where people are able to be who they are, to create and express themselves freely. It can be a challenging journey to get there and this piece of work reflects those struggles, as a person and an artist.

The concept of Curlsworld mixes art, music, storytelling and videos. It is a unique idea that takes its roots in 'The Legend of Curlsworld' (book to be published soon), and Oriana's creative mind. The world first appeared in the video 'Bisous Bisous' from her previous LP 'Because I'm French', and might soon become an immersive experience.

The video 'Soldier of love' represents the duality of personalities existing within the same person. One who appears to be in control, strong and confident, and the other one who feels like they're being kept prisoner and trying to escape from their demons. Oriana has always talked openly about mental health and how artists are vulnerable when it comes to this particular matter: 'We raised money for BAPAM (British Association for performing arts medicine) during my launch, as a way to raise awareness; it's important for me that artists know that they're not alone, whether they are suffering physically, mentally, or both, there are solutions.

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