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Lose Myself In You- From writing the song to shooting the video

I've wanted to write a blog about my song ‘Lose myself in you’ for a very long time! From composing to recording and then shooting the video, it’s been a long process and it’s a great way for me to explain to you the journey of taking a song to completion from the very first idea to the final visual product. I have explained some of it in my interview with Nick Jonhson (see link below) for ‘Tap To Music’, how the song came to me very easily, and the process of finding the right producer for it. Once producer Koby Israelite and I finished working on the track, the song was mixed and mastered by LA based Grammy award winner Helik Hadar. He was actually staying in Israel at the time and mastered 6 of my songs in his studio there. Once the audio part was done, I then met Nicolette Toddor, who is a bulgarian fashion designer based in London. She wanted to create hats for the video and help me create a very sophisticated design for it. It was her first experience as a music video maker and she did an outstanding job! It took us a few trials to get the looks right as we wanted to create one very innocent look and a darker one to tell the story and express the contradicting emotions of the song. We did the whole styling and make up ourselves, which was not an easy thing at first.. But in the end we nailed it! It was a very intimate process that took around 3 months work, and in the end we both had learned a lot from it. Here is the video:

My Interview for 'Tap to Music' regarding the songwriting process: Websites links:

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