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BBC1, Royal Albert Hall, Yamaha Music Europe, Edinburgh Festival...What a year it's been!!

Two sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall, a five star review at the Edinburgh Festival, the Yamaha Europe Music launch in Milan, filming a new TV Show for BBC1, or even playing the violin on the X Factor's final...What a year it's been! And I'm not even counting my trips to India, the Middle East and Europe, writing, recording, producing, painting, performing, collaborating...this year has been so rich in so many ways.

It's actually probably been one of the best. Ever. And it's not just about numbers, it's about self fulfillment, all the wonderful people met on the journey, all the people I can share my life and passion inspired..and inspire back...

I just want to thank life, thank everyone who supports it's not always easy. When you're an artist it's easy to think you're not doing enough, or well enough, it's so easy to question yourself and think of giving up. But we have no choice, regardless of the pain we feel (may it be physical or emotional) we keep on striving for what we breathe for. And I'm so proud to know so many people who are just like me.

So, let's just stop for a moment, raise our glass and think of this beautiful year to come! New shows, festivals, releases, travels, adventures and is good. If you want it to be. So don't give up. And keep on living your dreams.

Happy New Year 2018!!!


Oriana xxx

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